Our Approach

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Design Stages

Our business offers clear and concise design services for residential construction.  We work with our clients during every step of 

the project to enable a creative architectural response to our clients needs. We achieve this goal through the following stages: 


PRE-DESIGN encompasses all work necessary for design to begin. Together with our clients, we prepare a complete strategy of the needs and objectives to establish the scope and scale of the project. We produce a site and building plan from the survey  (obtained by the client), then working with the relevant zoning by-laws we make the best use of views, sunlight and natural features of the site.

DESIGN CONCEPT is the “brain storming” stage, where we use the tools of 3D Modeling / Virtual Walk Through as a communication tool with  our clients to  view the project in its entirety. With the concept drawings and a draft-up plan of the project, its general appearance and site positioning is confirmed.  The course of the project is set to begin the next stage. Feature elements such as fireplaces, stairs, decks, preliminary landscape, etc. are established by the client. Assistance with selecting materials and finishes for both the projects’ interior and exterior are available if requested by the client.


At this stage the design is expressed in a technical format for contractors and civic authorities. Permit and construction drawings are prepared (consulting with the structural engineer- hired by the client) and the application for permit is made to the municipality.


After the permit has been issued and construction has begun, there will be onsite Construction Consultations with the various trades, to ensure the scope of the project is following design objectives. If there are changes or alterations during construction this can be done at an extra cost, if the client requests.